4IN1 HD renkli ekran 180 derece Kusursuz LED ekran paneli metre Voltmetre ampermetre ile enerjİ metre aktİf güç 80-300 V 100A

4IN1 HD renkli ekran 180 derece Kusursuz LED ekran paneli metre Voltmetre ampermetre ile enerjİ metre aktİf güç 80-300 V 100A

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Welcome Drop Shipper 4 IN1 HD color screen 180 degrees Flawless LED display panel meter with Voltmeter ammeter energy meter active power 80-300 V 100 A
Product Features :
1. The D69-2049 digital multi-functional meter can simultaneously measure and display the AC voltage, AC current, active power and electric energy (electricity consumption).
2. Instrument display adopts colorful high-definition LCD screen.
3. It is without dead ends in 180 degrees.
Product Parameters :
1. Measuring Range :
AC Voltage : AC 80.0-300.0 V (or AC200.0-450.0 V)  the user should select a suitable range when ordering.
AC current : AC 0-99.99 A   current display resolution is 0.01 A, and displays 100.0 A when it is over 100 A.
Active Power : the measurement range is 0-45000 W, and display resolution between 0-9999.9 W is 0.1 W, and the rest is 1 W
Power : measuring range is 0-9999 999kwh, minimum display resolution within 0-9999.999kwh is 0.001kwh, and minimum display resolution within 10000.00-99999.99kwh is 0.01kwh, then the minimum resolution within 100000.0-999999.9kwh is 0.1kwh, and the rest is 1kwh.
2. Overall Dimensions : 79 * 43 * 48 mm / 3.11 * 1.69 * 1.89 inches
3. Installation Size : about 76 * 39 mm / 2.99 * 1.54 inches
4. Save Function / Memory Function / Auto Save function : when power is off, the meter will automatically save the current power value, and will read the value and continue to accumulate it after after being electrified.
Using and Wiring Methods :
1. Connect the wiring diagram according to the wiring diagram. And connect the secondary terminal of the current transformer (green lead) to the blue terminal of the meter, and pass the wire of the measuring circuit through the middle hole of the current transformer.
2. Connect the voltage measurement lead to the green terminal of the meter and get electrified. And start reading the measurement results.
3. After the power is on, the meter displays the measured value,
4, Press the clearing button on the front panel of the meter for 5 seconds, and the meter's accumulated value will be cleared.

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Güç Kaynağı:
Çalışma Sıcaklığı:
-10-65 C
doğruluk Sınıfı:
+- 0.3
diy malzemeleri:
ölçüm Aralığı:
DC 5V-130V
Model Numarası:
Hot Sale
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ekran tipi:
Dijital Sadece
47.7 * 24.5 * 26.5 mm / 1.88 * 0.96 * 1.04 inches

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